$450 for 2-Night Bahamas Cruise for Two from Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line AND AIRFARE

I just did the math of how cheap this deal is! First, it's 20% off the $229 with CODE EBATES20, making this $183.20. If you access groupon through ebates.com right now, you'll earn 9% back, which is $16.48, making this total so far $166.71 for 2 people to stay on the cruise for 2 nights. The percentage could change if you wait a different day. Last time I used it was 10% back.

What is going to cost the most is the flight there if you don't live near the departing dock in Palm Beach, FL. A common airport nearby is Fort Lauderdale (FLL) is about an hour away and is on the route for most airlines, so calculate that time and cost for that accommodation. You can earn more money by using ebates to access third party flight tickets, like priceline.com, cheapoair, cheaptickets.com.

When buying this deal, it's all about the date that will give you the lowest total overall cost. If you go on this cruise on a weekday, flight tickets will be cheaper. But that means vacation or PTO from work.

So far, based on the date I used as an example, it'll cost about $500, making it only $250 for each person. This is a great deal for those who do not want to splurge, but get a feel of what a cruise is like.