Just Thinking...

I read two blogs today that I might do a vlog on. Along with my recent post and being on craigslist for 3 hours, all I've been thinking lately is the kind of work and life I want to live.

What exactly is my dream job? What's yours? I'm sure it's all to make a lot, but what if you make enough to pay your bills, put a little toward savings, and have just a little more toward leisures and travels? Money is one thing, but what you do for your job/role is another thing. I don't see myself doing this for the next 10+ years, but gain, that $50/hr+ always makes it clear.

I could be an IT and make $50k+/ year or something in education for $35k+/year, but will that make me happy? I think a good start is to ask yourself this question from another blogger, "How do I want to spend my time? And whom do I want to spend it with?"

My answer for the past month after living way from home for six months, is to spend time with my family and significant other, just having fun. I loved going to the parks with them. I miss the days we'd grab an ice cream bucket to eat at the park. Maybe I'm the one who didn't grow up.

Anyway, I found this job listing from my 3 hour craigslist search for a work at home position. It's just sooo dreamy. 90% of the job is all of my experience. The only downfall is that it puts me in a job hopping situation. I also found another part time that aligns with my path back to the education field. The hours fit perfectly after my full time job, of course.