Because I'm a Girl

Just a shout out to the men who don't understand what respect is
One day, when you have a daughter who is treated the same way you've been treating women, I hope it hurts you. I hope you regret saying those jokes. I hope you regret jumping on the band wagon. I hope you wished you would've stood up for that girl that was bullied. I hope you wished you would've apologized to that girl you wrong. I hope you wish you would've been the change, so that your daughter and all women can be treated like a decent human being.

I don't get what is so hard to treat another human being right or what's even rewarding to degrade anyone. Just do the right thing, please.
One day he stops being Mr. Perfect.
It's really unfair that women are called bitches for simply wanting a man who is supposed to love just her. A man who should make time for her as much as she does for him. A man who is equally responsible to raise a child/ren. It's even more unfair when it comes to pregnancy; the woman is stuck paying for a plan b pill or the after affects of a child, whether they abort it or raise it. A man's job isn't only to work 9-5 and then come sit at home. Women are full time workers, students, and mothers.

All I want is someone who understands that my gender and theirs doesn't determine our responsibility. We are both responsible to bring income into the relationship to fund our expenses. We are both responsible for a child if that happens. We are both responsible to do life. I just don't want a quitter...