If Dylan's sentence is finalized to 60 years in jail, was he better off dead?

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After Chai Vang (St. Paul, MN), Fong Lee (St. Paul, MN), Sao Lue Vang (Pepin, WI), and other unknown Hmong fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, you had to accept each time that it was truly their fault and the court decisions were colorblind, even though you knew deep in your heart it wasn't. If Chai Vang wasn't Hmong, maybe the land owners would've kindly said he trespassed and both would've shared their hunting experiences. If Fong Lee wasn't Hmong, maybe the police would've pulled him over and got to know his freshman year in college. If Sao Lue Vang wasn't Hmong, Kevin Elberg would've gave him directions back to his car. If Dylan wasn't Hmong, he would've gotten a verdict proportioned to those who did what he did out of self defense. I don't know how else to understand why these individuals were tortured and overreacted in response for simple mistakes they made. I have never heard a Caucasian man point a gun to another Caucasian hunter for being in their area or trespassing. I have never heard a police chasing Caucasian boys on their bikes on the road. I have never heard people using excessive force on another person that's at their residence.
He survived a physical attack only to live through an attack from the court.
Case after case, the people who did those individuals wrong, walked away with little to no consequences. But on March 18, 2016, an all Caucasian jury found Dylan Yang guilt in less than three hours, for self-defense, the same reason each of those landowners also claimed. There are so many injustice elements to this case. First, Dylan was 15 at the time of the incident, but he's trial as an adult. Second, his bail was set for $1 million, as if he went on a killing spree. Third, the media painted a portrait of him affiliated with gang, which wasn't proven. Fourth, his possible sentence is 60 years in jail. In the act of self-defense, he unknowingly killed another human being who first attacked him with a gun at his own home, which was later identified as a BB gun. Dylan was just like Kevin Elberg and Terry Willers. He stayed at his own residence and encountered an uninvited guest. Like Kevin and Terry, he had to defend himself and used unconscious excessive force. If Dylan's sentence is finalized to 60 years in jail, was he better off dead? He survived a physical attack only to live through an attack from the court.

Lastly, the final point the judge, jury, some of us are not talking about was Isaiah's intentions. What is one's intention when they go to a place with a BB gun, especially if they're not wanted or invited? It sounds like Marathon County Assistant District Attorney Lesli Pluster was trying to say that Dylan could've prevented the situation from happening, but Isaiah had just as much power. Dylan choose to stay home to prevent whatever plans they messaged each other through Facebook, but Isaiah made the effort to go to Dylan's home. I'd like to Googlemap how far that drive was, because I don't even want to drive 15 minutes to work! On top of that, Isaiah convinced his driver, a female over age 18, to drop him off. Ok, was she going to pick him up too? Did she questioned if he was going to his "bestie's" home? Did she not observe his behavior in the car? Was Isaiah excited to go to Dylan's house to play PS3 games or shoot hoops? On top of that top, someone provided Isaiah with a BB gun or did he steal it; even that needs to be publicized and confirmed. I've said this numerous times, what about the consequence for the BB gun owner? What about the driver? If a driver is an accomplice to a bank robbery, they wouldn't be free because they didn't actually steal the money. Or the driver of drive by; they wouldn't be free to walk away because they didn't actually shoot anyone.

I feel bad for what happened to Isaiah also, but he's no angel either. Both teenagers are guilty for doing this to each other, but one person, Dylan, shouldn't have to pay for the whole cost of it. Dylan's only fault was not enough time to react, properly call the police, and "use a chair" as self defense. Had he not defend himself and his friend, maybe he would've been the dead one instead. I'd like to know how Isaiah's sentence would be. We'll never know that, so lets focus on the present with the situation Dylan is in.

  1. Write a letter directly to his judge why you disagree with potentially 60 years in prison for Dylan:
Judge Lamont Jacobson
500 Forest Street, Wausau, WI 54403
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