$57.50 for VS Workout bottoms, but get $20+ in Rewards back! = $37.50

Post edit: I didn't like the Drawstring Jogger. I felt like they used the leftovers from those affordable, under $8 sweats from Wal-Mart and added a different 3 inch fabric on the side. I was hoping for close to Nike material sweat pants. I went and returned exchanged them.

***WARNING: This might be a complicated if you do not follow directions :D because it's a glitch

I was a bit confused at first because I didn't follow directions. This can be a good deal in many ways.

1) You can return the bottom that is more expensive and still get the one you like for the $25 price, just make sure the promo is on that item. So in my case, I want to keep the jogger (finally!), so the promo is on it. No, you can't select which item, it's discounted by the order of adding to the basket, which is the last item. Add the item you don't like first and add the item you want to keep second. I'll probably return those shorts because I have plenty.

2) I think you can return everything and keep the reward cards, but don't tell them lol.

Alright, now that you know what you want to do, I'm ready to give you directions.
  1. Add the non-clearance bra
  2. Add the 2 bottoms you like (because the bra you're getting isn't the $50+ one)
  3. At this point, don't worry that your order isn't the same total as mine
    • Bonusreward
    • ship50wz
    • sportlook
  5. Notice how my order didn't have a bra? You can now remove it and your total will be close to it
The ultimate breakdown of this deal is 1 bottom for $5 ($25-$20 rewards) or 2 bottoms for $37.50 ($1.62/each).

If you don't want to add the extra bottom as a filler and you really just want a sport bra and bottom for around $50, you can chat with customer service to waive your shipping; after you place the order, they will refund it to you. Um... Happy Easter & shopping!

Of course, don't forget to go though ebates to also earn 1% back in cash!