1 Checkbook for about $5.50 including shipping!

I don't know about you, but the banks charge way over $5.50 to get you a checkbook. If you're not a huge check writer, this amount might be good enough just for you. I only need it to write rent and fricken tickets.

Checks Unlimited is offering 75% off Check Orders with coupon code 9TNT, including free shipping!
  1. https://www.checksunlimited.com/
  2. Select check of your choice
  3. Choose "single," and "1 box" to get the $5.50 price, or whatever else you would like to pay.
  1. HERE'S how they catch you.
    1. choose "No, I don't want In-Plant Rush." at the bottom for shipping
    2. they will ask you that like 10 more times, make sure you select no
    3. don't worry, you'll have your total before submitting your payment, so it it's off, it's because of shipping.
  2. Then put in your routing and account info and you're done.
  3. Be careful with the "security feature," it'll ask you a couple times too.
  4. Yes, I think this site is safe. But I also watch the charges to my card daily too.
Once this is all done, you might receive an email for cashback by joining outside services they have. You don't have to do this if you don't want to. However, that site is pretty cool. It offers 10% cashback on pretty much all online purchases. HERES' THE CATCH, it'll cost $12.95/month. You have 7 days to opt out if you do this. I submitted my cash back online, so we'll see. I will be cancelling this after 7 days.