[pretty much] FREE Hollister Clothes!

THIS IS THE BEST DEAL EVER!!!!!! DEAL IS DEAD AFTER 4/26 (today). The only catch is that there's SHIPPING, but if you are close to a Hollister, you may do instore pick up free of charge! I harassed about 10 people on facebook today. Here's the method, and it's simple:

  1. BEFORE YOU START, Text the number "90406" and in the message section, put "Join"
  2. Add items to around $13 for completely free. But I've been adding low price items, and paying just a bit more, so I don't have to get 20 codes for 20 items.
  3. "Must-haves" do not qualify
  4. Promo codes: 30591
  5. Then stack it with the code from your text.
No, there is no ebates. But if you don't plan on using, please message it in this blog. Thanks.
Orders I placed: