Groupon - $328.99 for 64GB Iphone

OH GOSH!!! Read more if you want to know more about how to get this phone for $359.99

* = Max discount $30 for new users Not valid on this item
6% back on ebates = $21.59 ($31.59 for new users)

$389.99 - $30 new user coupon - $31.59 ebates = $328.39 vs the retail full price of $599.
or if you got with the 16gb, the math is: $339.99 - $30 new user coupon - $28.59 ebates = $281.39

**10-17-16 update: So my friend tried this last night and the discount and Paypal didn't allow this item.

I got this phone for $419.99 6 months ago and it's almost $100 less now! Ok there are many parts to this amazing deal. And you should do it in this order for better results.

  1. 1. Create a Groupon account, search "Iphone 6" and add it to your cart
  2. 2. Create an account on Ebates to earn 6% cashback, click here.
  3. 3. In your ebates account, search "Groupon" and you must click that link in order for ebates to say your transaction was eligible for the cashback
Optional: Paypal credit may be offered for this transaction. Mine was 6 months no interest, which means $359.99/6 = $60/month and the phone is yours after 6 months with no strings attached. You can read about my paypal review here: SEPTEMBER FINANCES - SEARS & PAYPAL REVIEW.

I highly recommend purchasing your own phone and use it for whatever provider you choose. (Sprint do not allow non-sprint phones, not sure what att & verizon rules are) I am currently a prepay user for Cricket Wireless. You may read my review here: ARE YOU PAYING TOO MUCH FOR YOUR PHONE BILL? WHAT? 5 PEOPLE IS ONLY $100 TOTAL WITH CRICKET?! and this one to make the SWITCH TO CRICKET WIRELESS.

Hmm..debating if I should buy this and resell it for like $500+ lol.

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