Wetseal: Buy 1, get 2 free

Wetseal: Buy 1, get 2 free.

In other words: Pay $35 for one item, get 2 free, so it's really $35/3 = $11.66 per item. This price beats the Charlotte Russe Booties and Maurices Booties deal

Click this link for shoes

The best bang for your buck with this promo is to get all the similar prices together and then some $15 piece of crap (shirt, pant, skirt) as a filler to get free shipping. So don't be stupid and get a $30 item and then ur 2 free items are $10 and $7.

Oh, have you heard about Google Express? It's where you get $15 off $15 and you can buy anything and everything from makeup to toilet paper. Click here my tutorial here