One Door to More Doors. There are only opportunities for those who are willing to work.

^Yas. Yea. Yes. That's a real request on Craigslist. I've gotten so many random jobs and gigs from Craigslist. It's amazing what people post up their needs and it's even more amazing that complete strangers meet up to work with each other.

If you don't know what Craigslist (CL) is, you are missing out on the web community. It's basically a place where people post up everything from selling, buying, jobs, car and house for sale/rent, and so much more. I first heard about CL when I was a senior in high school. My supervisor asked if we needed furniture for college, and I said maybe. She said to confirm with her or else whoever saw it on CL would buy it. Then it lead to me being me, which is asking 10 million questions: what is it? is is real? Do people really respond? Can you really sell things? I went home that night to check it out. I didn't utilize it that much at the time because I was an unambitious teenager. Then a movie about a CL killer came out too, but that wasn't a factor to my use of it.

Fast forward three years later, I landed my Google Specialist job. One of my friends messaged me on Facebook and said, "CK, I found this job and it's so perfect for you because you're so tech savvy." .... "But I applied for it already. BUT, BUT they are looking for a weekender." So I went on CL and searched "Google Specialist" and applied for the job; passed the basic exam with flying colors. Went on an all expense paid trip to Miami, FL to train for a whole week. Came back and worked every weekend from November - January. Yes, you read correct, EVERY. WEEKEND FROM NOVEMBER - JANUARY. 100% attendance. I missed a whole week of school, but it was only college. That was a time in my life that I had a lot of time. I travel and did other things too, but a job was always my priority.

It felt like I gave up my weekends for that job, but I had no idea that the job and its duties was a key to open so many other doors for me. Recruiters and hiring teams/managers really loved that part about my job history. This job also gave me so much confidence and self-esteem. I had to do in-store demos and show that I really knew the product. On top of that, I got $18/hr, which was a lot at that time for me, and I only had to work Friday-Sunday, so that's $18*24 hrs = 432 * 2 weeks = $864 bi-weekly checks = $1728 a month. I was working less and making more than college kids working on campus, 80 hrs/month* $8 (I despise minimum wage) = $640. And now that I make more than that doubled, I am barely surviving. what is life? Jk, but not really too. 

Fast forward to right now, I've completed some awesome and random stuff on Craigslist. I was motivated after I read about 15 Easy Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend by Forbes to work. I have video recorded events, passed out flyers, serve food samples, ask people to take survey, and even helped someone with their resume and cover letter. It was all paid for and I get to put that on my experience if it was a real company. My resume is pretty awesome.

What I would like my readers to take away from this entry is that 1. before you get somewhere, you have to start. 2. You're not just going to graduate and land a 6 figure job (ok, maybe you will too. idk!). 3. And when you do have a job, you can't quit your job until you have another one in line; get your ducks together. Most importantly, to just try and show up. If you can't do it, then ask for help on how to do it. If you just show up and put some effort (I prefer 100%), I'm telling you, that opportunity will only lead you to better ones.