MONEY EXCHANGE - Ever had someone forget to pay you and claimed they did?

This blog is dedicated to and was inspired by my long time friend, Baowow. My first time on Facebook will be with her...and I hope her first time is with me too, lol. Today's blog will be about convenient MONEY EXCHANGE method and how it is the smartest thing you'll ever do!

Alright, lets get to the point! Here are some ways to exchange money without actual cash.

1. Paypal (worldwide) - Most commonly use and is available everywhere. You can put your banking and credit card info. They will deposit and withdraw the same amount and ask you to verify your account. I use paypal whenever I don't have my credit card or bank info on me. With paypal, I already have that information stored on there and I only need to remember my login. It's really nice to use it for all online transactions because of their "customers satisfaction" goal. So if I get an item that I don't like, they don't release the funds til the seller resolves the issue with me.

To pay or receive money, you just need to know the person's email or phone number.

2. Venmo (Local & Facebook) - Venmo is a service of Paypal. I like to call it the child of paypal. You can use your Facebook login and easily find your friends to pay them. I don't remember this requiring a verification of your bank. Adding your credit card should be easy. I currently use it to pay my rent. I told my landlord I was really scared of where the deposit box was located, lets just say dark and scary, and this caused me to lag my payment because I avoided going there. So 10 months later, I finally told him the truth and he goes, "I use Venmo too." He should've told me because rent was the only reason why I ordered 6 packs of checks for $10 that I only needed 12 times a year.

To pay or receive money, you can do a search and it'll look for locals only.

3. Facebook (just who are in your FB) - I just tried this today. You can literally pay or request for money through your FB messages now. It only requires a debit card. This is fast and simple. Is it safe? Nothing's safe these days.

To pay or receive money, just go through FB messaging.

Now no one can ever tell you they forgot to pay you or don't have cash or time for this. These methods literally take less than 5 minutes.

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In many of my posts about banking services, I talk about how much I dislike going to the bank, but the bigger purpose is convenience. I go for the free shipping/delivery where I can. I also have a history of forgetting my purse/wallet ... with cash! One time I lost $300. From that experience, I avoid carrying cash at all cost, which means I need to deposit money if people give me money.

Great, that creates 2 problems. 1. Dealing with cash, 2. Going to the bank. #2 is the biggest inconvenience. I love my home/apartment. I come home and stay home after work. Well, only during the winter, now we have 3 problems! 1. cash, 2. drive, 3. winter. Oh and that leads to a fourth problem, traffic, which then leads to a fifth problem, worst day ever all due to a cash transaction.

Do you see the inconvenience of cash handling, for me?

Another thing is, it helps track a payment and serves as evidence. Ever had a moment where someone's like, "I already paid you" ... Well, when? ... "At the bar, last night, before I bought you a shot..." ... ok, you drink more than me, so how are you able to have that memory?.... but ok.

Can cash handling get anymore awkward with friends & family too? Now you can't really ask for it because you don't want to appear:

1. Desperate
2. Gold digger
3. Stingy

Well, first of all. I'm not any of those. You asked/needed the money/service/item, and for that, you are giving me money for it. So don't tell the world I'm nagging you about it.

Having this knowledge is good for you too. If I were to start a business in the future, I would do this. You have no idea what the impact of having payments options means for you or business. If everyone is only carrying card, they can't buy shit from you.

I know it was a lenthy post, but I hope you enjoyed some of the humor to keep reading it. We'll see if I want to video this out! It sounds like it would be really funny and people might want to watch it. We will see. Thank you for reading!