Put yourself in someone else's shoe

This post is dedicated to my sister of the05experience, who taught me how to put myself in someone else's shoe, which became an important rule of life for me.

My parents did a wonderful job loving me that I've always been confident about myself even at a young age. I was about 12 with the most narrow mind when she taught me the lesson to put myself in someone else's shoe. So my second sister dated this guy that was (going?) bald and she mentioned how it's an uncomfortable comment or conversation for him. Then I was all, "why should he care about what people think?" I failed to realize the topic was a flaw for him that he just didn't need.

Then my the05experience sister picked out my own flaw and asked me, "How would you feel if someone said something (bad) about your insecurity?" This insecurity was something that hurt me a lot growing up when other kids picked on me about it. In the short conversation, I learned how to put myself in someone else's shoe and how it has an impact on you.


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