She never got to be a girl.

(Photo taken by Pangkhangphotography)

I live for the girl who got mocked and picked on
I live for the girl who didn't graduate high school
I live for the girl who didn't graduate college
I live for the girl who no one thought would make it

I live for my mom who lives in a traditional marriage where she doesn't have a voice
I live for my mom who works hard all her life and doesn't get compensated properly
I live for my mom who had to forget her dreams and raise a family
I live for my mom who didn't have the advantage to get an education

I speak, ask, and fight for equality because my mom was told to be quiet.
I work a job with flexible hours because she had to have perfect attendance.
I am putting a family on hold because my mom couldn't live her dreams.
I am going to live my life because she couldn't.

As I got older, I realized how my mom was just a girl who made a conscious decision to put her family first, by working extremely hard, beyond what her tiny body is made for, so she can provide for her family. Inside of my mother is just another girl. She wants things. She doesn't know much about makeup. She wants to travel the world. She wants to see new things. She wants a raise at work. She wants to have a nice car. My mom had to be a mom since 16. She never had time to herself. She never got a break. She never got to be a girl.

I'm not saying my mom regrets being a mother, but I just feel like the universe hasn't rewarded her. She is the one person who is truly an honest and selfless person, devotes her heart, the world, and soul to her family, and never hesitate be kind.

All that I have today is from her. She made sure to be a good person so good karma will go to her children. It's just not fair that she works so hard and I got rewarded. I have a better life today because of her.


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say that this is a beautiful piece.


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