It’s an internship + Nightcrawler Review

Are you graduating soon and need a job? Usually, at the last semester of your final year, you’re recommended to get an internship. Sometimes these are paid and not-paid.

Fortunately for me, I had a flexible ‘internship’ where I worked counted as my intern. But for some people, it’s not. I just feel like the word internship is just a disguise for ‘do work for free’ than learning the trade/skill. But again, it depends on where it is that you’re interning. For ex, maybe an internship at the White House is cool because it’s such a rare opportunity, you get to network and stuff … but then, why work for free if you are good at what you do? And all you want is to get paid for it.

There are pros to doing free internships too. There’s no commitment and maybe more flexibility. Maybe you get to work with the person on top instead of an actual job where you start from the ground.
But for the most part, I just think it’s a cover up. I mean, I could post an ad up that I’m looking for an ‘assistant intern’ to help organize and promote a new company from the ground up. In exchange, they will learn everything it takes to start a company, from the paperwork to the marketing, to the hiring process. But the truth is, I’d just be getting someone to do some free work for me, while I take all the profits and gains.

That’s like when people ask for free photos and say, “You can use it for your portfolio…I can model for free.” No dude, my photography isn’t free, even if anyone thinks it’s shit because people already pay for shit, so I’ll take the money.

On top of free work, I also think loyalty to a job is crap. You work for them 40/168 hours a week, that's 23% of your life, and I assume you sleep the other 40, another 23% gone, and 24 hrs on the weekend to yourself. But maybe it's just me. Some people might work jobs that pays them $50/hr :D and they have nothing to complain about.

Anyway, if I haven’t convinced you to NOT do a free internship, watch Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Backstory: Jake was broke asf, accidentally took a photo at a scene, then a news wanted it and paid for his photo, realized photos = $$. More photos = more $$, but that also = more work, so he hires an ‘intern’ to work for him.
This movie alone, gave me soo much empowerment about entrepreneur, shitty/fake bosses/leadership, don’t do work for free, and you can really accomplish things if you work for it or act the part (fake it til you make it).
In this clip, he lies that he needs a replacement. Then he asks the general interview questions to make the guy feel like it’s a real business. Then he tells the responsibility of what the job duties are. Finally, even though the guy only worked a couple months in landscape, he still got hired! The guy goes, ‘what’s the pay?” and “IT’S AN INTERNSHIP…I’m giving you a chance to explore career options.”
Like usual, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life or what do to. I’m just here with a different view to help you make those decisions. Even if you disagree with the idea of an internship, this is still a good movie about how to market yourself. Once Jake realized what he had, he took classes to learn how to do it better. I took the same approach too; thanks, Youtube :D


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