Blog VS Vlog Vs Make up

I’ve been spending a lot of time vlogging because I just love my t5i so much. Blogging (B) and vlogging (V) have their pros and cons. Since I’ve been been doing both of those so much, I can’t even share my ideas on instagram anymore. I used to post 3-5 photos per day.

Time: VLOG wins
B: I’m more motivated to write my thoughts out, but it takes me more time. However, I don’t have to spend two hour + on editing.
V: My thoughts are out right away, however, I end up spending 1-2 hours editing the ‘ums’ and pauses. For a 5 minute video, I spend about 2 hours to cut, edit, add word, and so on. Not just that I rewatch the video over and over again. Those short 10 seconds I rewatch turns in minutes after a while

Action: BLOG wins
B: When I blog, I can write anywhere! I’ve written on napkins before and carry a pen with me like me father does. It’s easier to erase things I don’t like than to redo a scene.
V: I can’t always vlog instantly because I have to carry my gears around and that can be annoying on my end and weird for lookers. However, it receives more traffic.

Presentation: BLOG wins
B: When I blog, no one sees how I look. In fact, I was in in my sweats with smeared make up on Sunday when I edited the Green Bay videos.
V: I hate to admit it, but I only want to record when I look decent with a little makeup on. I can take photos without makeup, but come on, can someone really watch a 10 minute video of a girl that looks like this???!!

On the topic of presentation, this kind of makeup seems to be a trend these days. Could it be that by looking this way, we are imposing other intentions? I’m not saying that because anyone looks like this, they are the same as the article. But I’m saying that from the outside looking at someone with this kind of look, they may make that kind of correlation and be more attracted to the person with the make up….This can lead to other things for a different entry. 

I’m a victim myself. I’ve honestly tried to have this kind of makeup, and failed, only to truly realize that I thought I would be more attractive through that look, and failed. It’s a very beautiful and sexy look, but I’m starting to question myself behind my motivation of any kind of makeup. I am no make up guru, the worst ever. Next time you put makeup on, question your intentions behind it. Are you putting it on for yourself or for others?

Do get me wrong that I think everyone is a pornstar for looking this way because I am narrow minded like that. On a bigger scale, why do we have to feel a certain way when we don’t look a certain way? I’m just tire of feeling like I look really ‘shitty’ on days I choose to not put on makeup, and I am a makeup minimalists… Makeup is a very controversial topic.


  1. I prefer your blogs, it's just more rich and detailed. But on the topic of makeup, it depends what are you trying to accomplish with your vlogs. Are you just trying to gain a lot of followers or just trying to express yourself? I guess it's just a rule of thumb to look attractive if you want to be a entertainer? Is it more important to please a audience or is it more important to just be you? I think you look fine with or without makeup, but that's just me though.

  2. Thanks. I also enjoy blogging too, but I've been busy editing videos. Even though my video edits are simple, it's no joke. Timing makes one unique.

    As for make up, I might have to get with the program. Dolling up helps send the message across to a bigger audience. It keeps people's attention. It wouldn't be me trying to be something else; it's simply a marketing technique. "What is right, isn't always popular. What's popular, isn't always right." :D Thanks for reading.


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