Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! I received a very special gift on Christmas day! This is one unique gift that took a lot of hours to give. Lee Chang finished the script we worked on. I hope you will enjoy this clip as much as I did. It’s not at its best yet.

Many people would prefer to share a piece they’re completely satisfied with, but I wanted to let everyone in on my ‘filming’ journey from beginning to the end. It’s not like I have 1000 subscribers :P, but when I do, they’ll be able to look back at where I started and improvements made over time. I mean, look at Nigahiga and WongFu’s first videos.

When Lee worked on this, he tried to make it mellow/serious, but it just didn’t match what was going on. I guess that’s because Mr. Neely and I are just really happy people (in the short and in real life). I can’t act as mellow as I write, check out Dear Love, if you haven’t. Of course, bloopers were added because we are just happy people like that. What's the plot? That's for another blog :D I don't want to rush myself and get it done right now because it won't have any soul and life to it, which is a really important for me when I write; my entries need to have life.

The short was filmed in four hours. As I watched some of WongFu’s behind the scene, they took several days to film one. Unfortunately, I don’t have those luxury and resources, but I am closer than when I began. That’s what you have to take out of every experience, you are closer, better, wiser. What you had only imagined came to life and you know how to be better next time. If you don’t ever start, you’ll never know your powers. I’ve heard others say, “Why don’t you just focus on getting good at one thing.” Well...yea, this is my focus to getting good at this one thing...so if I don’t start, how will be get good? Take my first MN Vlog for example, it wasn’t as good as the second one on the MKE HNY. I’m taking baby steps, and not everyone is the same. Some people are amazing and they can make those big leaps (like my sister’s first heart-touching entry). Ok, I don’t want to take too much of your time on Christmas day, so I’ll end here. I’ll do a BTW for the script on another day, even I need to go spend time with my family on this day :D


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