[Product Review] Nume Hair Curler

THERE IS A PROMOTIONAL right now, coupon may still work even years after reading this :D
FBRAINBOW: for $28.99 + $12 shipping
FBSUNSHINE: ANY NuMe curling wand, pouch and argan oil for ONLY $38 + $12 shipping
Or you can wait until Black Friday to get it for about $20+ :D
[4-8-15 Update] YOU CAN PLACE AN ORDER, BUT ***Due to a high volume of orders, the estimated ship date is4/24/2015
[4-12-15 Update] I placed my order on the 8th and got it in today. I wasn't expecting it til the 24th! Now, I can curl my hair overnight for the next day.

I don't ever do beauty tips because I am not a beauty guru for sure! As mentioned in my previous blog, I went to La Crosse, WI to visit a graduate friend, Chong, this past weekend. She is living there and commutes 1 hour to Winona once a week for her graduate classes :D I need to hop on the master's degree boat!

Anyway, I used Bao's Nume curler for the second time this weekend and I love it so much. Bao and I have been friends since 8th grade! We are going on our 10th year anniversary soon, lol! She never fails to beautify me. I've always grown up as a tomboy. I didn't even touch makeup until the middle of my college career. My theory stands that I don't want to attract anyone, especially for my physical looks. Yes, yes, yes, it's ok to just look good because you want to. I've also heard people saying they look good for themselves. Whatever your reason is to beautify yourself, you are entitled to it. On the drive back to Wausau, WI, Bao saw this on her FB newsfeed and messaged me this great deal for the NUME curler!

[The actual review] The curler is works very well compare to other curlers that I won't bother to review on, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. The curls stay long with out hair spray and stays longer with hairspray. There are plenty of youtube videos to testify that. I am the worst hair stylist in the world!!! However, with the Nume, I've mastered curling hair. Just kidding. I don't have to hold it at a certain angle or method, it just curls! I usually hold the wand in vertical, but with the Nume, I can just keep it horizontal and the job still gets done. The temperature heats up pretty fast too. I'm not sure if they all come with gloves or not, but I would highly recommend getting one. It's hot, so that it gets the job done. The price is reasonable, $40??!! Too awesome. That's less than the big brand names out there for an exceptional styling piece.

You can select from the following options. According to a review from google, "The classic is tourmaline ceramic and good for fine hair types. The magic wand is more professional and great for thick or hard to curl hair types." The wider the curler, the bigger curler. The one I used this weekend was the 32mm, which was the one I also ordered. I went with the FBRAINBOW promo because I didn't need the extra stuff for another $10 ish. Enjoy!
THERE IS A PROMOTIONAL right now, ends March 31, yes, tomorrow!
FBRAINBOW: for $28.99 + $12 shipping
FBSUNSHINE: ANY NuMe curling wand, pouch and argan oil for ONLY $38 + $12 shipping


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