Switch to Cricket Wireless for $35/unlimited talk, text, and data!

Family and friends, don't miss out on this deal!

I haven't seen or read over a phone bill for 2 months and that feels super awesome. My bill also doesn't have a record of phone # either. It's so different in the best way! I wished I would've done this sooner.

For now, Cricket Wireless is $40 and $35 if you choose the auto pay feature. You get 2.5 data gb/month along with unlimited talk and text. This is half of what you pay. Compared to Sprint, you probably pay about $30 including taxes through the Fam & Friends plan, but you only get about 1gb per person. My previous AT&T bill was $35 for unlimited talk and text, then about $40-$45 when we started a data plan. I was already paying so low already, but I hated the idea of a contract at the back of my head, so I finally made the switch after my contract was over. I also disliked taxes and random crap that would appear on my bill then I have to call customer service to get it corrected. The data is a good size. I used to avg 2 gb of data usage when I was with AT&T. I also hated if I went over, and had to deal with overage. Here's how you can make the switch.

1) Buy a replacement sim card (https://www.cricketwireless.com/shop/byod.html): It's only $0.99 right now; it's usually $25. Offer ends 4/30/15. Enter your IMEI # to check if your phone is eligible. If it's not, find one off craiglist for under $200 and make the switch. You'll save more over time.

2) There is no #2. That's how simple the switch is. Well, I guess I should literally write that you will need to change your sim card once it arrives.

I have been with Criket since January 27, 2015. I didn't get the data plan because I wanted to try a life without data on the go 24/7. Although life was great with google in the palm of my hand, I think I took my own abilities for granted. I used to print out my maps before leaving. I used to do reservations. I used to save phone numbers. I used to memorize phone numbers. But this technology hurts us in ways we don't know. Obviously, financially.

I would've stayed with AT&T, but to get the basic plan was $20+taxes and a smartphone couldn't be used for a basic line (SCREW YOU, AT&T). I currently have the very basic plan of $25/month unlimited talk and text with my iPhone. I just switched it to auto pay, so my phone plan is really $20/month. I have been data free for 2 months and it hasn't had any major impact of my life. If anything, I've noticed better changes.

1. I'm not on my phone all the time
2. No wi-fi means to have human interaction
3. :D Only a few people have my phone #

This post isn't sponsored by Cricket. I believe in making smart decisions. Stop paying so much on a phone. Think about it, with the estimate of about $50/month, that's $600+ in a year and $1,200+ in a 2 year contract. If I stay on my $20/month plan, I pay $240 in a year and $480 in two years, which is less than the cost of 1 year with a mainstream phone service. For a "tech" and "nerd" reputation, if I can live without data, you can too. If it wasn't for work, I wouldn't have a personal cell phone. Enjoy your day!


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