Because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing

Yes, another entry about mi mama.

I've learned that it's not about waiting until you can give, it's about giving with what you have. I can't express how much I want to give to my mom, no matter what my status is in life. I refuse to practice my cultural ways that one is not encouraged to give back to the people that gave them life. It doesn't matter what I do or don't have in life to give because I really grew up with nothing. I won't forget about my family when the struggle is over.

Growing up, I was always envious of my cousins who always received gem necklaces from their father for Christmas. I never played with barbies and that's ok. In fact, it worked out great because it made me the independent and fearless person I am today. I am not stereotyping, but I think I would've went that direction more. I always remind my nieces about how spoiled they are with clothes because I really, literally, had 2 pairs of jeans in the 4th grade (true story, yo, and no need to pity. But Xai cried when I told her tho). For Christmas, we had those boxed packaged Little Debbie snacks. In high school, I had to work while I played sports, because all of my mother's income was for the family. Yea, Salvation Army and other resources existed in the 90's, but my parents didn't know and many of us were still young. In fact, all of this just inspired my non-profit organization in the near future, tba.

It just makes me really disgusted how some people have gone through all these struggles of poverty and they don't turn a cheek at all when they're out of it. Sure the people receiving are not worthy, whatever your reason may be. But I've come to realize that it was just my way of justifying my own actions; my lack of giving. It was so much easier to blame the other person or deem them unworthy. The truth was, I was selfish. I didn't want to give. I mean, there are understandable times and other reasons to not give, but when you can give, you should. Obviously, don't swim the seven seas to help someone. Sure you can make a lot of money, but what value is it if you're heartless. I don't want to be this way anymore because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing. So give because it shows who you are.

The world just needs love. My mother just needs love and money :D. I am so excited to give her what she's been waiting for! In the voice of Bob from The Price is Right, "A triiiiiip to Thailand!" (in the next 6 months). In fact, she's never been back there ever since we came to the US in 1993. I've always wanted to do this for her. Ok, I promise I won't cry. My mom is the most amazing, independent, and hard working person ever. She has taught me that nothing is impossible to achieve. She keeps going at what she does and gives everything she has. I can never ask for a more amazing mother. I am so fortunate for my mother and everything she does for me and the rest of the family. If there's anything she can do to make things better, she would. I don't know anyone who's more giving than she is. My mom has always made her children her priority and there is nothing in the world that can ever repay that decision she makes everyday.