Heart beats fast
Colors and promises

How to be brave?
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

I don't even know where to begin about MyJosh (Mai Josh :P). From now until 7:30am is not enough time to write about this great person. Maybe I'm just speaking (writing, actually) too early about anything I write here, so be it. It's crazy that just 3 months ago, I said goodbye to love; I was seriously done and gone! Then I ran into Josh and it all changed.

Lets start with the photo above. Josh and I have been talking for a while. Yesterday we celebrated our 1 month, which was also Hmong American Day. We went to my baby brother's (he's actually 12) orchestra concert at the middle school. Then headed to the Wausau Table Tennis Club to see who's the better one at it. For the sake of Josh's ping pong reputation, I won't reveal who won or lost all the games. Then we went to eat dinner at 2510, which he reserved the whole restaurant to us (obviously, it was a coincidence. We have the luckiest luck :D!). Food was ok; I'm no chef to judge.

The most slickest move (EVER in my lifetime) was the photo above. People that know me know that I can catch onto a surprise in the works. We were together all day, so I didn't see this coming at all. There were some hints when we ate, but I didn't catch on.

Josh: So, are you old fashion, where you do the anniversary stuff? Like write cards and stuff.
Me: Yes. It was easier in the first relationships. And it takes both to keep at it, which wasn't my case most of the time.

After that, 1000 Years came on too, which is like the sweetest song ever. Anyway, I got home and didn't even think to look under my pillow, who does anyway?! Plus, I'm a chicken and that's asking for trouble. Josh texted me this morning to look under my pillow. My first reaction was, "Is this some sick joke?" Then I saw the card. I was mind blown! I opened the card and just teared up as I read his handwritten message with a few grammar errors :D. It was really sweet and touched my heart. For me, this is the best gesture ever. I'm not impressed by flowers, seriously, they are a waste of money. This showed me that he took time to look for a card and write something meaningful, which I don't even know how he had the time to find a card because we are together all the time. Unless he's smart and has a stash ready to go at all times.  Anyway, I'm a sucker for these little actions of care love.

I'm not sure what I did to attract him. If anything, I actually did everything to not attract. I dress like a grandma on purpose. I talk/post about (in most peoples' eyes) boring stuff, while many girls are "LOTD/OOTD" or "Party later" or "Just went shopping" or "Can't wait to try this new lipstick" or some emo stuff. My only game is the do not attract game. Oh wait, it's actually, "I bet you I'll beat you" is my game.

Josh is really sweet. When I first met him, I felt my eyes light up every time I saw him. He'll get my sweatpants in the car if where we're eating is cold. He'll carry my jacket to wear later. He opens doors for me. He works with my schedule, like all the time. He drives, even if I do or don't ask him. He's not a drinker or feel the need to attend every party. There is so much more, but a magician shouldn't reveal all its secrets :P. What I like the most about Josh is his management. I'm very happy that he's very committed to his family and volleyball. I like that he's a social person, because I don't have to do the work when we see strangers/other people. He's very laid back. I love his energy and positivity. He doesn't freak out or lash at me when something goes wrong, whether I had control of it or not. He was the first person to ever change my tires for me, there's a lot of firsts with Josh. And oh gosh, his patience is out the window! I'm a pretty patient person, but Josh is like LEVEL ASIAN patient. I made him wait an hour for me, on accident of course. Maybe this is just the early stages like many relationships, but right now, this moment, I have this. I have never met someone this awesome, and I've never said this about anyone either, but I am very lucky to have MyJosh. Thank you for the butterflies and the laughs.