If I never met Josh...

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln
The other day I thought about how it was possible that Josh and I never ran into each other in such a small town. I mean, I knew most of the people in the area and pretty much planned to not be with any of them romantically. The only explanation that brought us together was my current job. If I would’ve worked at the high school instead of the university for the past year, I would’ve never ever met Josh; it was just impossible. We have very different friends and lifestyle. I was done with the house party life, so we would’ve never met at one, and it’s also a rule of mine to ban people I meet at a house party. All I did before I met Josh was work and worked on my videos. Yes, I traveled on the weekends alone. Our facebook names were hard to find; heck, only some people can search/add me. I never came across Josh on FB either. Anyway, there was no way we would’ve ever met if I never worked at the university.

My team hasn’t play soccer for the past year and don’t have plans for it this year either, so I decided to pick up the sport most people play, volleyball. I started going to the gym whenever they had volleyball. I was there for about two weeks before Josh showed up. According to him, he was already a regular before I started going there and because he had jumper’s knee problem, he didn’t show up when I did. Of course I thought he was good looking, but I was really shy (me, shy? It’s true). I don’t even know where it came from, but I couldn’t talk to him. I seriously thought, “This guy is cute and I work here, so I need to keep my professional boundaries.” Then it all happened. Well, he told me later about his side of the story and how he actually knew about me years before we finally met, which was unfair to me! Ok, cutting that story short.

It made me happy and sad at the same time when I thought about it. If I would’ve never met Josh, I would’ve missed out on a whole experience of a positive and giving relationship. I was sad at the lack of love and effort I received in the past. I’ve always gone into a relationship with only good intentions. If I wasn’t interested, I wouldn’t bother to start one to just break one. So if I ever “rejected” anyone (which I hate this word; it doesn’t sum up my true heart), I was just saving both of us from the heartbreaks. It takes two to tango, so don’t tango alone.

Anyway, if I would’ve never met Josh, I would’ve never known or felt a lot of the things I do lately. I have never had someone hang out with me who shared the driving as much as him; and trust me, I drive a lot. Or someone who could go out of town on a weekend with me at the last minute and follow a plan or make one up as we go. Someone who can work a full time job, and still have a great attitude after work. I’m not sure if it’s a show or not, but I appreciate all the things he does for me. He’ll get up and refill the soda. He’ll go grab the napkins. And my favorite, he always carries the groceries. Like, for real. I usually carry a lot of things, but gesture like that takes my breathe away and melts my icy cold heart. Last week, he injured his arm and I had to carry most of whatever we had or were doing and it was not fun. I think all girls deserve this, if anything. Come on, it’s sooo sweet, how can a male not do that? I'm really glad Josh has a mind of his own. It really helps when he knows his directions. He’s pretty much everything I look for in a partner. Do I want more? Not exactly a good question, more like I know he can be so much more.

As corny as it’ll sound, if I never met Josh, I don’t think I would know what love is. I don’t mean the kind of love like, “I’m soo in love with you.” I mean the kind that you don’t hesitate your decisions on. The kind that you just give. The kind that it’s a plan for “we.” The kind that you care. The kind that you’re patient with. The kind that just gets along with you. I’ve been wanting that for the longest time, because I believe I carry the same traits (maybe not at the LEVEL ASIAN like Josh). As always, I am very lucky to have MyJosh.

MY FAVORITE KIND OF FLOWERS! For realzz, contacts ain't cheap :D