Sprint's Iphone Forever...like 4-eva-eva?

Wow. I almost fell into the Iphone 4eva Plan with Sprint. After doing minimal research, I am glad I made the contractless switch with Cricket. To keep your life simple, just stick with buying a phone off craigslist and go prepaid; no taxes and shhtuff...but it depends on your lifestyle. My life wasn't and isn't in demand for top of the line-save-the-day phone service.

This article basically says that the AT&T Next plan is the worst one due to the total end of life/contract cost. The person did the math for you and puts it in the most simple chart to read. IF YOU'VE NEVER WANTED TO SPEND TIME READING SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS TO SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY.

I'm glad the light out of this new phone means a huge resell of iphones that were well taken care of in Otterboxes. I'll gladly take them for the right price. I sense new iphones are losing value because the current (and old) ones does the job just as great. This is simply called planned obsolescence, a product designed to fail in time for the new product to shine. Whoa...I could totally rewrite that English 102 paper for Professor Elizabeth Kim now. Yea, that class was fun! All we read for English was how we/society are self-destructive through invention, especially technology. DAAANG, I sound so smart now :D Yea, look at me now puhahaha!

Read more about planned obsolescence here: http://www.economist.com/node/13354332

This if for you lazy people who won't read the article, I've put the main event here. Credits to CNN:
Click on the article if you're finally convinced here: http://money.cnn.com/2015/09/25/technology/best-iphone-6s-plan/