You Can't Put A Price On Peace of Mind

[Title was inspired by Straight Outta Compton, which I highly suggest you to watch. It'd be good for a sociology or society class :D Maybe get extra credits if you do a write up for it]

The other day I was asked if I liked working a full 40-hour work week. Instantly, I said of course for financial purposes.

A week later, I realized that I was closer to my dream idea job/future than ever if I had told them I wanted to lower my hours. Employees at my place are still eligible for full time benefits even if their employment contract is for 30+ hours. Isn't that the dream, because you're only working full time to be eligible for the benefits? Other than to support or pay for things if you're in a dependent situation.

I realized I had missed my only small window of opportunity to have a balance in life. The issue here is on the photo, sacrificing for one thing to get another thing, but can't get that other thing because of the sacrifice. In short, the only way to break that system or formula was cutting my hours. This hour cut meant leaving on a Friday afternoon. But I get to make my schedule, so I could even come back on a Monday afternoon because flights are cheaper Mon-Thurs. Or I could go shopping all morning on a Tuesday and work in the afternoon. The possibilities were endless once I saw the blessing in disguise!

Then I realized something even better and why I looked forward to it. It simply meant a peace of mind and no wage or check can pay for it (well...maybe like $50+/hr is considerable, jk!) Hanging out with my family is peace. Hanging out with Josh is peace. Flying away for the weekend is peace. So I missed my opportunity, right? Kind of. So I talked to my boss again about that conversation, and encouraged them that it wasn't a bad idea and that less hours meant I could go home on the weekends or what not. Boss listened and was like, "You don't need to cut your hours if you want to leave early. You just have to work them throughout the week."

That's good right? This now meant that I could still leave on a Friday and all the awesome things mentioned, but it also meant working longer hours for 4 days to leave early for 1, which I didn't mind giving up. My actual goal wasn't to keep my 40 hours; it was to work minimum hours to balance with my travel life. I don't really need the money as much as I need the time; I can always make money, but I can never get my time back. That time means my health right now, my ability to mobilize myself, and my attitude. One day I"m going to have a family and be expected from myself to work 40 hours to feed them. But right now, I don't have to.

Should've took that offer.