Are you paying too much for your phone bill? What? 5 people is only $100 total with Cricket?!

I just realized that I've been with Cricket for over a whole year now! Remember when I first blogged about it last year? here (this link) This change is parallel to when I met Josh; I changed my number, and then I met him. I think there's only 20 people out there that has my phone number; Josh, family, 5 friends hahaha.

I've been on the $25 unlimited talk & text plan for the past year, meanwhile the average monthly cell phone bill is $73. In addition, ABC reported that the average American spends about $1,000 a year on his or her cell phone bill, and my total was $300. I didn't have data for a whole year! Well, maybe for 2 separate months because I traveled, but for the most part, I didn't. It was really smooth and I was on auto-pay so I didn't even notice how fast time flew. This isn't like other prepaid phones out there where you need to go buy a card and call in to activate it. It can be done completely online or through the app or over the phone.

My brother has also joined the Cricket side! It's only $35 for both of us. We each get 2.5 gb of our own separate data with unlimited talk & text. I wish I knew about Cricket earlier. Some people think Cricket has less service or so. I think not. I've had it for over a year now and it hasn't failed me. Maybe there's no service if you're out camping in the middle of nowhere, but hey, you're camping, get off your phone. I know, I know, there's a safety side for having service too; some psycho killer could be on the loose.

Anyway, for basic and minimal users, I would highly recommend Cricket because it's so affordable! If you find yourself in wifi zones often, the $25 talk and text does the job! Of course, if your job demands the usage of data, don't consider it. Or if you have to make international calls, like my friend who has a bf out of the country, Cricket is not for you.

In addition to the amount you're paying, the Iphone5s is only $200 and you won't have to be on a contract either! That's a new iphone for the price people are selling used ones on ebay and craigslist!

If I've sold the switch to you, please consider using my referral link here:
or just call customer service or add my email when you register:

This is the breakdown of how much it'll cost you. Assuming all you need is the $40 basic data plan:

1 Person - $25 for unlimited talk & text or $35 on an auto plan
2 People - [40x2 = 80 - 10 discount = 70] $70/2 = $35 each
3 People - [40x3 = 120 - 30 discount = 90] $90/3 = $30 each
4 People - [40x4 = 160 - 60 discount = 100] $100/4 = $25 each
5 People - [40x5 = 200 - 100 discount = 100] $100/5 = $20 each
YAS! 5 People get their own 2.5 gb of data!