How I got Groupon to Pay for $60 worth of Full Highlights for Me!

Ok, first of all, the title is only a fantasy I failed to arrange accordingly. But if you follow this and you're patient, it'll work. Patient is define as, wait 7 days for your referrals to kick in, then wait for a good promo day. This post should've really been titled, "Make the Best of Groupon" or "Make Groupon Pay For Other Groupon Orders" or maybe "How to get free things in Groupon," but would it have caught your attention?

First of all, you want to browse groupon and see which deal you like. (DO NOT CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT YET!! Create it once you know what you wantIt doesn't even have to be hair related. I only went with this option because that's what I spend the most on in real life. The first time I ever cut  and colored my hair, I paid $120 + $20 tip. That's $140 alone just on hair.

This morning, I woke up and 2 of my Groupon referrals came through and a huge promo code also hit: 25% off locals!! I'm so angry I didn't make enough account last week to buy stuff and get 15% cashback from ebates! Not just that, these referrals didn't kick in last night either, which was the last night of the 15% cashback, but I guess I saved $20 instead of earning $7.20 from ebates. Alright, lets get this discount/couponing going!

  1. Calculate how much your "goal" item is. Mine is the $60 item. Then subtract the 25% discount of $15, 60-15 = $45/$10 referrals = 4 referrals or accounts to make. 
  2. Make 4 accounts and spend $10 or more. When you make new accounts, you qualify for $10 off your item of $25 of more, use code WELCOME. A qualified referral is when s/he "makes his or her first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours, you can earn $10 in Groupon Bucks." That means, don't wait a week after you create your account to buy stuff. 
  3. I love Groupon's referral the most because, they'll "deposit $10 in Groupon Bucks into your account within 7 days." So last week,  I bought 2 items, and it came in time just today for the "BIGDEAL" code, which is 25% off. Not just that, it'll combine the referral and discount for you. However, you can't 'save' your groupons. It'll get applied all the time, so just arrange accordingly.
  4. At this point it's 4 accounts*$10 you had to spend = $40 + $15 code = $55, which is a remaining of $5 from you. So in total, you spent $45, got 4 other items and only paid $5 for your hair = $50 Out of Pocket, which is less than the original $60. And you can even tip your hairdresser that $20 it would've cost you, all for less than $100!
I've received a total of $40 back from referrals. Groupon limits you to 10. If you're buying anything today, used code BIGDEAL for locals and getaways to get 25% off. I've already wrote twice about Groupon deals in the links below:

1) $22 = Two-Course Fondue Dinner for Two at the Melting Pot, get $3.30 cashback through Ebates
2) Date Deal! $108.80 Zipline for 2, and earn $16.32 back in cash, and other deals

Please consider using my Groupon referral:

Is balayage considered partial highlights? lol

Had I been smart, I could've gotten 2 more referrals and this would've been $5!! Because I have long hair, I'll have to go with this option.