New Look and Free May 2016 Calendar

Hi! I'm loving this new look! I decided it was time for a change because I surfed the web the other day for a nice calendar wallpaper and came upon these. Feel free to download and use them. I am not the original creator, and I forgot the links I got them from. It took me about 3 hours to redo this whole thing. Once I have more content, I'll consider getting a domain. Updates:

  • Pretty background = color choices
  • Got rid of huge header
  • "Read More" on entries. That required going into every post and adding that button. That's 300+ clicks for you
  • links at the top
  • Easy FB like button
  • Showed 7 posts to 4 posts
  • Adding tags to all 150+ blogs. so tire

The Dylan Yang case has sparked the hearts of the Hmong community to come together. I might just have to be a "Group Leader" for my area. For a while, I thought about how I could contribute for the march and I finally found the answer today. It's what I love to do, COUPON!