What is the Dot Trick for couponers?

Instead of creating multiple accounts, all you have to do is trick the store that your one email is multiple accounts by adding the DOT.

What is the process? How does it work?

By adding dots (.), the receiver, a store account/mailing list, thinks you're a different person for every account the dot is in a different spot. As a result, you get that amount of mail (coupons) sent to your ONE account. The sender (gmail), knows you only have 1 email, regardless of where your dot is located. (Obviously, this can't be done with Google Express because Google (is smart) knows you're one person).

Why is this so groundbreaking?
You no longer have to login 50+ times or remember 50+ passwords for 50+ accounts.

This website will generate the possible dot places for your one email.

This is the result of the dot trick. 5 emails to one account. No more multiple accounts and login needed :D