MyJosh 2

If you've been keeping up with my blog ever since I wrote about Josh, today marks 1 whole year you've been reading my blogs. Thank you for that!

My time with Josh flew by so fast. I can remember how we met like yesterday. Josh has been a really great person in my life and has helped me learn a lot about myself. There are things I do for him and he does for me that makes me realize what a relationship entails. I guess that's what this entry will be about; bits of what I'm willing to let the world know about us.
  1. As you can tell from some of my shopping deals, I shop a lot and that involves just as much returns. Josh would make those runs with me. Sometimes he'll even carry the items in for me. When he doesn't, he sits patiently in the car and let me carry on with it. 
  2. I've always carried my laundry basket and someone doing that for me was always the key to my heart. I'm glad Josh carries the basket, so I guess I shouldn't complain when I fold them.
  3. Not just that, Josh also carries the groceries! I enjoy and appreciate grocery trips with him so much! Then when he carries it inside my apt, he puts it away! Some days or nights I wonder about them, "oh man...did I put the meat in the fridge?"
  4. His patience is as high as the sky. Some days, I'd just say things I've bottled up and he'll just listen. He's obviously not happy to hear them because they don't sound nice either, but he's not mean back to me for saying what I have to say. I appreciate that self control so much from him because I can be so annoying (in his eyes) sometimes, hahaha! In my defense, if he (like all men) just do what they're told, my inner b side wouldn't come out.
  5. He makes the effort to hang out with my kids.
  6. Sometimes (too many times), I'm needy and need my hands held and he does it :D
  7. I'm really glad Josh makes spontaneous trips like me too and hopefully that's how we take life at the moment because we don't have any baggage. We can pack on a Friday after work and go somewhere for a couple hours or overnight. 
  8. I never felt like I was embarrassed about anything with him...until he mentioned/s it too many times in one setting.
  9. As usual, his positivity is there. 
When I was single, people questioned why I was single. That's because I'm weirdly simple, but extremely complicated to deal with at the same time. Not everyone relationship is perfect, but it's the ones you've understood to accept the imperfections that are worth while. With Josh, I learned so much about how to compromise in a relationship, but it happens more smooth with him that I don't even notice the compromises he or I am even making. Or when I compromise, it doesn't take swallowing my pride. Nothing's promise and things change, but I'll keep these moments as they are.

Thank your for tuning in my gratitude for Josh.