Monday, December 19, 2016

She never got to be a girl.

(Photo taken by Pangkhangphotography)

I live for the girl who got mocked and picked on
I live for the girl who didn't graduate high school
I live for the girl who didn't graduate college
I live for the girl who no one thought would make it

I live for my mom who lives in a traditional marriage where she doesn't have a voice
I live for my mom who works hard all her life and doesn't get compensated properly
I live for my mom who had to forget her dreams and raise a family
I live for my mom who didn't have the advantage to get an education

I speak, ask, and fight for equality because my mom was told to be quiet.
I work a job with flexible hours because she had to have perfect attendance.
I am putting a family on hold because my mom couldn't live her dreams.
I am going to live my life because she couldn't.

As I got older, I realized how my mom was just a girl who made a conscious decision to put her family first, by working extremely hard, beyond what her tiny body is made for, so she can provide for her family. Inside of my mother is just another girl. She wants things. She doesn't know much about makeup. She wants to travel the world. She wants to see new things. She wants a raise at work. She wants to have a nice car. My mom had to be a mom since 16. She never had time to herself. She never got a break. She never got to be a girl.

I'm not saying my mom regrets being a mother, but I just feel like the universe hasn't rewarded her. She is the one person who is truly an honest and selfless person, devotes her heart, the world, and soul to her family, and never hesitate be kind.

All that I have today is from her. She made sure to be a good person so good karma will go to her children. It's just not fair that she works so hard and I got rewarded. I have a better life today because of her.

Put yourself in someone else's shoe

This post is dedicated to my sister of the05experience, who taught me how to put myself in someone else's shoe, which became an important rule of life for me.

My parents did a wonderful job loving me that I've always been confident about myself even at a young age. I was about 12 with the most narrow mind when she taught me the lesson to put myself in someone else's shoe. So my second sister dated this guy that was (going?) bald and she mentioned how it's an uncomfortable comment or conversation for him. Then I was all, "why should he care about what people think?" I failed to realize the topic was a flaw for him that he just didn't need.

Then my the05experience sister picked out my own flaw and asked me, "How would you feel if someone said something (bad) about your insecurity?" This insecurity was something that hurt me a lot growing up when other kids picked on me about it. In the short conversation, I learned how to put myself in someone else's shoe and how it has an impact on you.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

MONEY EXCHANGE - Ever had someone forget to pay you and claimed they did?

This blog is dedicated to and was inspired by my long time friend, Baowow. My first time on Facebook will be with her...and I hope her first time is with me too, lol. Today's blog will be about convenient MONEY EXCHANGE method and how it is the smartest thing you'll ever do!

Alright, lets get to the point! Here are some ways to exchange money without actual cash.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Free Buffalo Wild Wings $$

Hi everyone! You will learn in this post how to score a free gift card from Buffalo Wild Wings. It's not entirely free, you're basically trading .465*2 = .93 cents for a chance to score a gift card that's worth $5, $15, $25 or $100!

  • 8 envelopes
  • 8 stamps
  • 15 minutes
  1. Each online form must be filled out electronically and printed, or printed and filled out by hand: HERE! click here.
  2. First set of 4 envelopes: write your mailing address like you're mailing to yourself, add a stamp when done. No need a "from" address
  3. Second set of envelopes: Write your address on the "from" part and write BWW address for the "to" part, add stamp.
  4. Stuff the second set of envelopes with your letter and the printed form together.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

DOTE - $5 off $10 - H&M, Charlotte Russe, Wetseal, Forver21, other stores too

OMG You guys, I hate it when I don't get with the program and I wait it off because I'm too lazy to do the research or test it out.

I finally downloaded the app. It's offering $5 off $10 item. It can't be items combined, it is just the item only. The app prices up the item abou $1 more, but you're getting a $5 discount, which is really $4 off the item if you bought it instore. Lets get to the directions

Monday, November 21, 2016

Wetseal - 30-50% off and newsletter 15% off

Hello. Welcome to my shopping post today! Wetseal currently has 30-50% off certain items today. Shipping is free when you spend $49+. In addition to that, if you subscribe to their newsletter and stack a 15% off code on top of it. Already used your email? That's ok, you can use the dot trick. No, I am not shoving down anyone's throat to do this; it's your liberty.

I am in love with sweaters and midi skirts lately. I can wear leggings under it for this winter season. Sweaters are good because I like to have 1 layer on at all times possible. I can't be too fashionista because I hate the process of my bra, tank top, blouse/top, cardigan, and oh gosh, a vest. Happy shopping!

If you want the same items, I have linked them below:

Monday, November 7, 2016

A Photographer is More Than Just Their Lens - Dedicated to my sister of Pang Khang Photography

(My cropped and exaggerated version of the story) A photographer was invited to eat dinner and take photos of food with top of the line chefs of all time. She got ready for the day and attended the event. She sat at the dinner table and the chefs go, "You don't really take great photos. It's just your lens that does the work." Offended, the photographer felt. She wanted to blast them, but she just sat there and listened. When the food came out, she ate it and said, "You don't really cook good food. It's just your oven." She left the dinner feeling victorious. 

You decide what the moral of the story is.

I have always underestimated my photographer skills (because I'm just gifted to be naturally talented :D teehee, jk!) until this weekend's photo session with my family. When all the photos uploaded, you could tell who took which photos. I'm not putting down anyone, but it was just a really funny observation. I can say I took some good ones, and some of them admit to taking bad ones too, lol (life rule: don't be good at something you don't wanna do :D). Unfortunately, the one who didn't have the best results was the photographer, Pang Khang.
"Before you can start something, you have to have an idea of what you want."

What is the Dot Trick for couponers?

Instead of creating multiple accounts, all you have to do is trick the store that your one email is multiple accounts by adding the DOT.

What is the process? How does it work?

By adding dots (.), the receiver, a store account/mailing list, thinks you're a different person for every account the dot is in a different spot. As a result, you get that amount of mail (coupons) sent to your ONE account. The sender (gmail), knows you only have 1 email, regardless of where your dot is located. (Obviously, this can't be done with Google Express because Google (is smart) knows you're one person).

Why is this so groundbreaking?
You no longer have to login 50+ times or remember 50+ passwords for 50+ accounts.

This website will generate the possible dot places for your one email.

This is the result of the dot trick. 5 emails to one account. No more multiple accounts and login needed :D

Friday, October 28, 2016

October 2016 Updates - Work, Student Loans, Couponing, Health, Debt, and DVD Netflix

Work: I picked up some weekend gigs this month and added 9 hrs during my full-time job M-F. It was really tiring, but the paychecks are rewarding and I was able to contribute $1k toward my student loans. Gigs I picked up from Craigslist were giving out samples at Wal-Mart ($18/hr+ mileage), Beer Samples ($20/hr+ mileage -traveled to Appleton & Milwaukee), holding a sign at a college game because it was going on ESPN ($22), "model" for $50, ask people to take surveys ($20/hr + mileage), and putting together a resume + cover letter for $50. The major key to making money is from mileage. Find jobs that needs you to go far and will pay you by the mileage too.

Student loans: If I can find ways to make an extra $1k/month, I can really reach my deadline of 09-24-18, 23 more months. My life isn't over if I don't pay it off by that time, but not only is it good to have goals, it's a real obstacle I can't wait to get rid of. This is my motivation from my last entry
I mean, I'm just really thinking ahead as a future mother. I don't want student loans to be my motivation to work and also be stuck at work. I love family and I want to be able to work part-time so I have time for my children; so my income goes to them and not loans
I paid off loan 01-12, which was borrowed at $815 + and idek how to calculate the interest I've paid.

And also loan 1-01 $1,434.08

Thursday, October 27, 2016

.31 for Half Panera Bread Salad + Baguette + Dessert. SAY WHAT???!!


Hi everyone! I will do a tutorial eventually on my channel. Today's treat is so healthy for you. We are on track toward a stronger body. First, I told you all to get a FREE (1 month) membership at Planet Fitness, then I gave you a bra deal from VS, and now I'm feeding you a salad from Panera Bread!

Right now, there is a $3 code: RPUF2. It works for any account and is unlimited! It works best if you combine this code and the salad code together. How do you get the salad code?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Student Loans - 4/13 Done! 21.5k to go!

This is the student loan I paid off today. End date goal of 09-24-18. The other day I paid off my first one, but the payoff amount to pay online didn't allow an over payemnt, so I just paid what it said that day (check photo below with green words). 2 days later, a small balance showed up. FUCK YOU NAVIENT! So I called and I'm like, "YOUR SYSTEM IS SHITTY. IT'S FALSE AS FUCK. FUCKEN TELL ME I OWE $1.18 AND DON'T ADD THE DAYS INTEREST WILL OCCUR, AND THEN FUCKEN BLAME ME FOR IT? FUCK YOU."

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

VS - $31.65 2 Bras + Huge tote!

So I've been on a VS diet deal, but when I saw how huge the tote was .... I couldn't help it. Look at it!!! It's a carry-on laundry basket.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Planet Fitness - No Startup fee ($39) and 1st month free! Expire today, 10/17

Deal is dead. You missed out! Follow me on Facebook so you won't miss it next time.
Wow, you guys, are you are in for a treat! It's not too late to reach your "lose weight" goals from January! Planet fitness (PF) is waiving their annual $39 startup fee and giving you your first month for free! Not just that, they have pizza Mondays and bagel Tuesdays. If you have the Black Card membership, you also have other amenities, such as tanning, unlimited massage chairs, and unlimited to ANY planet fitness. Since it's getting cold, you might as well be indoor working out. 

I want to be clear that the $10/month membership restricts you to the one location you select/choose to pay for. With the PF Black Card membership, you can go to ANY LOCATION and bring one guest per day

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Groupon - $328.99 for 64GB Iphone

OH GOSH!!! Read more if you want to know more about how to get this phone for $359.99

Thursday, October 13, 2016

One Door to More Doors. There are only opportunities for those who are willing to work.

^Yas. Yea. Yes. That's a real request on Craigslist. I've gotten so many random jobs and gigs from Craigslist. It's amazing what people post up their needs and it's even more amazing that complete strangers meet up to work with each other.

If you don't know what Craigslist (CL) is, you are missing out on the web community. It's basically a place where people post up everything from selling, buying, jobs, car and house for sale/rent, and so much more. I first heard about CL when I was a senior in high school. My supervisor asked if we needed furniture for college, and I said maybe. She said to confirm with her or else whoever saw it on CL would buy it. Then it lead to me being me, which is asking 10 million questions: what is it? is is real? Do people really respond? Can you really sell things? I went home that night to check it out. I didn't utilize it that much at the time because I was an unambitious teenager. Then a movie about a CL killer came out too, but that wasn't a factor to my use of it.

Wetseal: Buy 1, get 2 free

Wetseal: Buy 1, get 2 free.

In other words: Pay $35 for one item, get 2 free, so it's really $35/3 = $11.66 per item. This price beats the Charlotte Russe Booties and Maurices Booties deal

Click this link for shoes

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Me Before You

I'm a plot person and I didn't like the plot of this movie. But there were moments that touched me. I just think it sucks when things end. I just think it sucks when you've poured your heart and soul for someone and you don't get it. I also liked the movie because he called her Clark and soundtrack breaks my heart.

If you're looking for a movie to kill time, watch it.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Charlotte Russe - $1 shipping and Booties $15-$19

If you were sad you missed out on the 3 shoes for $30-$40 at Maurices, this one is almost as good. I'm only blogging this because I have to resist buying it. So blogging helps me cope with my spending habits T__,T. It'll help me feel like I own the shoes or I have access to them as I look at them, lol. I've been so inlove with shoes lately, maybe because of The Sweetest Thing blog. She has super nice photos of her outfits with shoes. Theses are my picks:

Here are the direct links and code:

Monday, October 3, 2016

How I got 4 FREE Starbucks drinks and 2 bakery!

If you clicked this blog, you are on your way to become a couponer! ... or just someone who wants some free Starbucks. Before I waste your time to read this, these items are crucial
  1. You must have the Starbucks app
  2. You must have 125+ stars
If you don't have that, then this post is pointless for you. If you do, you are ready to follow these steps:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

3 BOOTIES SHOES for $30 at Maurices

This glitch is so perfect for the fall weather, which is booties (shoes) season. When you buy 3 instead of 1, you actually pay less than the actual cost of just 1. Just follow these rules
  1. 3 TOTAL items per order (because it only applies to 3 items)
  2. You'll get the most out of your money by making sure you have similar priced items together ($29, $29, $29) but when it varies, your total will be averaged a bit different ($29, $39, $49)
  3. Sizes ran out? That's ok. I would just order it and see if you can exchange in store. There's nothing to lose here (and everything to gain).
  4. Put in all 5 codes below

Monday, September 26, 2016

September Finances - Sears & Paypal Review

The last time I posted about my finances, more than 300 readers tuned in! Thank you. I enjoy reading about how people make their decisions and also writing about my own.

It's already the 2/3 of September and I am happy to announce that I paid off my Paypal balance of $400 and $450 on my Sears card. The more blogs I read about paying off debt and using the snowball method, the more I disciplined myself to do it. My favorite blog I came across this month was the Millennial-Revolution, which also lead to this amazing one. Just check it out!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

That Time I didn't Think Twice Before Posting on Facebook

I try to have a drama and negative energy free zone, but I lost it one (or more) time on a facebook status update.

It came to my attention that someone that doesn't really care much about me and my well being needed my help. Let's just call this person, Monica. Monica doesn't really keep up with my life, and that's ok. But Monica emailed me they needed help. See, I know Monica. Monica gives out a daily like of 20+ and chats with about 10 people/day. Therefore, I concluded that Monica doesn't need my help and can resort to whoever Monica is "liking" because they must be doing something right and worthy of Monica's time and attention.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Q&A: Savings & Roth IRA Choices

This post was created to answer a question from a youtuber, yerisawesome. She has great music choices, so subscribe to her if you need some music. We chatted on facebook, so I thought why not share it. This post will be more relevant to those living in Wisconsin.

If you open a Valley Communities Credit Union (VCCU) account, please say CHOUA KHANG referred you.

Who and where did I open my savings and Roth IRA? 
I chose Valley Communities Credit Union (VCCU). Credit Unions generally have a better reputation for their rates and customer service, which I was five years too late. I was with Associated Bank from 16-21, when I got my first job as a bagger and cashier at Pick N' Save. I stuck with them all the way through college.  Then they had too much fee and charged for everything possible. VCCU is only located in central Wisconsin for now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

If This Is What A Marriage Is, then ...

It's not the 1900's anymore where a wife will bow to their husband and give up without a fight. Maybe it is still that way for some people, but not me. I don't care if it's 2016 or 1900, I expect my spouse to put in as much effort as me. Maybe out at family gatherings where I need to "play the role" of a woman, I'll put on a show. But in the home, I am an equal. It's easy to say it now, but I have no idea what I will actually do. I come from a home of seven girls and a culture where men are Gods simply for their gender. This point of view might just be me alone.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Student Loan - Paying with a credit card for Navient!

I started my student loan journey a year ago in this post, August 2015. It is now September 2016, 11 months in. If I really want to be on my 36 months plan, that means I have 25 more months to go. That breaks down my math of $24k/25 = $960/month. It didn't sound possible when I did the math, but now that I really think about it, it could be. Just gotta #werkwerkwerk. It makes me feel great that I can actually put money toward my savings, but it's not really savings when it'll end up going to student loans eventually.

After reading so many blogs about student loans, I finally called Navient, my loan service-r, to see if I can pay with a credit card over the phone. I found out that they accepted it; Vias & Mastercard for sure! I am so lame T____T for not making a payment last month when I just got my BOA card, because my promotion was no interest for charges made 60 days from account. Here are a few things I found out:

Friday, September 9, 2016

H&M Review and Picks

H&M Chiffon Maxi Dresss - $29.99 (Comes in dark gray and got it for $20.99) Photos by PangKhangPhotography

I love H&M dresses and I am so weak when they also have a coupon code too :(. I am so happy that they are finally offering instore returns now, so I can add filler items to get free shipping...but I end up keeping everything anyway. Their dresses are affordable if you wait for the prices to drop; why are people always RUSSIAN? For sizing, I am a petite person, so the sizes are true to my size. I wear a size 2 and xs/s. The quality sure lasts a long time. My oldest piece is 5+ years old. This dress is made of mainly chiffon and I love that texture; it just feels very elegant. The length is long, but perfect for my height with heels on. I accessorized the dress with a long necklace to meet the top line of the dress. It's a dress you can wear to a wedding (bridesmaid or guest), prom, or a nice event without breaking your bank. Click here for more H&M posts

My sister, ibobpebteach, also launched her photography side job! She is so amazing at it. It has always been me or her taking the photos. That means, one of us is usually missing in a family photo if no one else is around to take it. Maybe I can start a fashion blog now, since there's a photographer. I think people not only enjoy looking at whatever the purpose of the photo is, but they also enjoy good quality of whatever too. Sometimes I watch videos or look at photo because it just looks good. Anyway, are rates are under $100! If you're a senior in the Madison are, look no further. Message me if you would like to book a session,

Saturday, August 27, 2016

$15 Fabletics outfit, get $4 back from Ebates = $11!


Hello! You must want to work out if you clicked on this post! Or you just need more scrubby clothes like me. This deal is pretty easy. It's usually $25, but the price drops to $15 when it's a holiday. It's only $15/outfit if you pick the ones that coordinate. When I noticed that it was also priced separately, I just opted to sweatpants. Not just that, you'll get a $4 cashback when you use ebates

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Saved all week!

It has been such a great week! I'm ending it with a 3-day weekend.

Sunday - $60+ Target money maker
Monday - Eat Street meals under $2
Tuesday - Google Express deals under $2
Wednesday - $100 Bank of America bonus for spending $500+
Thursday - Last day of work! Also returing that bike rack for Kp's bday for $60, YAS!
Friday - Free wisdom tooth removal and collect dough people owe me lol (only $200)
Saturday - See my kids!

I haven't got a chance to rest my brain this week at all because there were soo many deals! I saved so much money this week; I actually made money this week from Target, delivery gig, and $100 from my Bank of America Card. I'm currently enjoying this blog, iHeartBudgets.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

$15 off Google Express = less than $3 for some every day items

If that photo didn't convince you, I don't know what will. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get the dipbrow that low EVER, no matter how many coupons you try to combine; ULTA doesn't even allow their $3.50 off coupon for it.


1 code per account.

1. Click ^ that link
2. Create your account
3. Add your items as close as you can to $15, look at the photo below totals
4. If the PROMO CODE disappears, just put this in: 9CDQYB47C

Eat Street = Basically, Free Food

You get $5 right away and I also get $5 = everybody wins! (for the month of September only)

Ok, so sharing this with the world through this blog is a bad, but good idea at the same time. Good idea because I/we save money. Bad because it'll be abuse and corrected, which means no more free food. Well, I am quite the pioneer for testing security/processes :D. Ok, lets get right into business if you can't follow the photo directions.

Monday, August 8, 2016

August Finances

In high school, you look at your grade report. When you're an adult, you look at your credit report, lol. Yay! My credit is over 670+, but my goal is 720+ by the end of this year. Why does credit score matter? Read about it here and this one is helpful too. I use credit sesame to monitor my credit. It's completely free; no credit card require. It tracks my payments every single month and tells me my score.

Payment History: C, B next year
Credit Usage: B, A next month
Credit Age: B, A in another year
Account Mix: A
Credit Inquiries: C, no more credit cards until 2017!

Alright, I opened a new Bank of America (BOA) card...because I knew my limits were high! It was $100 cashback/credit when you spend $500+ in 3 months, which I know I will. My extractions is $350 for my co-pay! And I'm gone every weekend, so I spend about $200+/month on gas alone. Not just that, gasoline gets 3% cashback! and groceries is 2%. But the main reason why I opened one was because of the 12 months no interests for purchases made in the first 30 (or was it 60?) days, including transfer balances.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Travling Tips - Car Rental

Hello Everyone! Thank you for tuning into this post. You must be a frequent traveler, or will be one, or you just like to keep up with my blog. Either reason, thank you for your time.

I am glad I have a car rental experience to share with everyone today. Remember that time I bought tickets from Frontier for $33/person/1 way? Well, the return flight never dropped, but I wasn't alarmed. Once it was time to leave, I resorted to a car rental back home, which meant a 12 hour drive home!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Year Ago, I started Today

As my lease comes to an end, today's blog will reflect on the experience it has been.

A year ago, I got my current job offer and I made the move for it. I was only dating Josh for about two months and I debated about staying in Wausau to avoid a long distance relationship (LDR) or just completely avoid the whole drama and not be in. I'm not a LDR hater but I'd be bad at it if I was in one. The whole point of being in a relationship is to be with one, physically. I believe hugs make bad days or hard times (at least) better. If I'm with someone just by title and I never really see them, I can't function. I'd just take the single title and do whatever I want. Ok, that's for a different conversation/blog.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

$15 off $20 on locals for NEW Groupon users! $9 oil change $5 laser tag

OMG everyone, this is one of the best Groupon code ever!!! Get ready for it, it's: BALLING

Yes, the code is BALLING when you purchase a local category item/product. That means full synthetic oil of $24 turns to $9, $20 laser tag for one turns to $5. If your city participates in Groupon and you're not using it, you're missing out!!! You have to be a new user. If you already have one...create a new one :D Not just that, you'll earn 9% back from Ebates too!

To make the most of your purchase, make sure your item is near $20. Also be smart about it too. For example, laser tag for 2 people is $39 - $15 coupon = $24 for you. WAIT! Why don't each of you just buy it separately for $20 - $15 coupon = $5 each!! This iCombat has really good review.

Free Phone Services with FreedomPop

Back at it again with cellphones and costs!

$4.99 for a sim card, which you have the option to have FREE: 200 Minutes, 500 text, 500mb data.

It gets even better! Ebates will pay you $5 when you order through the site.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Adult Life Tips - Made my first Roth IRA deposit!

Calculated through
It's been a long time coming! June is an exciting month for my financials. I'm paying off my Best Buy Macbook Pro, glasses, and credit card tires charge for my parents. Now I can finally be on the road to become a millionaire! I plan to maximize the IRA contribution of $5,500 this year, which breaks down to $458.44/month. That means in 30 years, I'll have $165,000 that can be use to pay off a house if I wanted to.

Oh, and maybe I'll finally get some life insurance, since I'm still healthy, and my mom too. That's a scary contribution and commitment because it's every single month, like student loans.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Adult Life Tips - Credit Cards

Thank you for tuning in! I'm so excited to announce all these great credit stuff:

+ Target Red Card limit increase after 3 years with Target
+ Angel VIP upgrade
+ Paid off 1 credit card
+ Paying off 2nd credit card in June
+ Paying off Best Buy MacBook Pro in June
+ Now I can put some money aside for student loans (still a 36 months goal)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

[HSN] .80 For 3 6-pack Velvet Hanger & Flower Organizer

1. You must have an ebates account, use THIS link.
2. Look up "HSN" to see if you qualify, it should look like this

3. Create your HSN account
4. Use CODE: 165695 to receive $10 off your order of $20 or more

FREE on Audible: The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir By Kao Kalia Yang

Groupon is offering 2 months of Audible for free! What does this mean for you? 2 free books!! I didn't know what I wanted to read/listen to at first. I knew I wanted to read something related to Hmong, my ethnicity, but we don't have a lot of Hmong authors...OH WAIT, I've never read the Latehomecomer and it's been out since 1999!! Jk, it was out in 2005. This is such a great way to support her and it'll cost you nothing! (Yes, you could rent the audio from the library, but you have to return it and play it on a CD player, which WHO OWNS ONE THESE DAYS ANYWAYS!!. Jk, I respect CD player owners :D)


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

[GROUPON] Free Two-Month Membership to ($29.90 Value)!

WOW! Groupon is offering 2 free months of membership with My sister, the05experience, wanted this app for a while. What is it? "A collection of more than 180,000 downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word content. This deal includes one credit per month to download a book, including new releases and bestsellers."

HERE'S THE CATCH: At the end of two months, your Audible subscription will be automatically renewed at the full price (currently $14.95 per month). You can cancel anytime. So just make sure you cancel it before it ends.

Use my referral here:

Monday, May 23, 2016

[Groupon] Refurbished $389.99 Iphone 6 & 659.99 MacBook Pro

Whoa! That's a really good deal. Not just that, ordering through Groupon is safe and you can go after them if something is wrong; unlike purchasing from a stranger/craigslist. I think this qualifies for an additional $10 off with code WELCOME, for new customers. If the link doesn't take you there, just search "iphone 6" or "mac book pro."

[CVS] Pay only .65 + tax for 2 Scope, 2 toothpaste, and 1 soda!

I used to think couponing was rocket science, but it's not. It's just patience and research. If you have that, join me! You'll be doing a total of 3 transactions. If you followed my first couponing video, you should have $4ecb from that trip. Today is the day to turn that $4 ecb to $5 ecb.

(1) $4.99 - .75 coupon (found on or the app)
= 4.24, - $4 extra cash back (ECB) from last time
==.24 + tax out of pocket (OOP) (.51 in WI)

use this for another scope.

(2) $4.99 - .75 coupon (found on or the app)
= 4.24, - $4 extra cash back (ECB) from last time
==.24 + tax out of pocket (OOP) (.51 in WI)

(3) now buy 2 of these for $6.98 + .99 = 7.97total
- .75 q (was on, no longer available - NLA)
- .75 q (was on, no longer available - NLA)
-.30 q from CVS stand
- $2 off 2 colgate
===7.97-.75-.75-.3-2 = 4.17, use the previous $4 ecb, pay .17+tax (.60 in WI) and get back $5 ecb! Now save that $5 ecb and wait for another trip/post!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Glade Candles as low as .10 after rebates; What is Ibotta?

#shoppingsaturday! Whatever, I shop everyday...just window shop and app shop though :D

You guys, I am in love with this scent! I'm so glad there's a good deal out there. The biggest rule to couponing is PATIENCE/time. It's like watering a garden. Do not worry,
You will eat the fruit of your labor - Psalm 128:2 
The rebate for $2 cash back originally came out first through checkout51 this week. I went to target and got 4 twin packs for $9.67 oop and redeemed $6 back = $3.67/8 candles = .45 each. I was pretty satisfied with that. HOWEVER, ibotta included a $2 cb bonus this morning too! ANNND checkout 51 also re-opened/started another entry to submit.

I have listed two scenarios for the two major stores that everyone has access to. The coupon is still available online and on the app. You will need to print a total of 3, or 4 if target lets you use a coupon on the "free" item. Use my referral code, omshucw, and you can earn an extra $10

What is checkout51 and ibotta? It just clicked my head that it's trying to make you say "i-bought-a." It's an app that gives you some money for things you're already buying, like milk, carrots, candles, and alcohol. It takes very little effort. You can browse and then go shop those items. Or just shop and browse to see if your items qualify for cash back. Then take a photo of your receipt and you're good to go!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Look and Free May 2016 Calendar

Hi! I'm loving this new look! I decided it was time for a change because I surfed the web the other day for a nice calendar wallpaper and came upon these. Feel free to download and use them. I am not the original creator, and I forgot the links I got them from. It took me about 3 hours to redo this whole thing. Once I have more content, I'll consider getting a domain. Updates:

  • Pretty background = color choices
  • Got rid of huge header
  • "Read More" on entries. That required going into every post and adding that button. That's 300+ clicks for you
  • links at the top
  • Easy FB like button
  • Showed 7 posts to 4 posts
  • Adding tags to all 150+ blogs. so tire

The Dylan Yang case has sparked the hearts of the Hmong community to come together. I might just have to be a "Group Leader" for my area. For a while, I thought about how I could contribute for the march and I finally found the answer today. It's what I love to do, COUPON!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How I got Groupon to Pay for $60 worth of Full Highlights for Me!

Ok, first of all, the title is only a fantasy I failed to arrange accordingly. But if you follow this and you're patient, it'll work. Patient is define as, wait 7 days for your referrals to kick in, then wait for a good promo day. This post should've really been titled, "Make the Best of Groupon" or "Make Groupon Pay For Other Groupon Orders" or maybe "How to get free things in Groupon," but would it have caught your attention?

First of all, you want to browse groupon and see which deal you like. (DO NOT CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT YET!! Create it once you know what you wantIt doesn't even have to be hair related. I only went with this option because that's what I spend the most on in real life. The first time I ever cut  and colored my hair, I paid $120 + $20 tip. That's $140 alone just on hair.

This morning, I woke up and 2 of my Groupon referrals came through and a huge promo code also hit: 25% off locals!! I'm so angry I didn't make enough account last week to buy stuff and get 15% cashback from ebates! Not just that, these referrals didn't kick in last night either, which was the last night of the 15% cashback, but I guess I saved $20 instead of earning $7.20 from ebates. Alright, lets get this discount/couponing going!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

$2 Multi Ring pieces, free shipping from Amazon

Be warned. These are from China. It'll take a month to get here, just in time for summer!

These low prices will lead you onto other low price items, like iphone covers.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Date Deal! $108.80 Zipline for 2, and earn $16.32 back in cash, and other deals

You guys, Ebates is offering 15% cashback from Groupon purchases. This is a huge deal! Not just that, if you are a new customer to Ebates, you'll be prompted to pick a $10 giftcard when you register. You'll get that giftcard if your total is more than $25. On top of that, Groupon has a new customer code for $10 off your order of $25, WELCOME. So you're really just spending $5. It's just that these rebates take time and no one has the patience for it. But it pays to wait.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Adult Life Tips - Chase Bank is Better Than Associated Bank

I might eventually name these blogs ALT (Adult Life Tips).

Today's blog is my experience with Associated bank and Chase bank. These are one of many main/bigger banks and I have them for travel purposes. Associated Bank is more midwest, but Chase bank has 15,500 ATMs and 5,400 branches nationwide! I was with Associated for eight years until I decided to make the switch to Chase this year.

1. BONUS: The Chase Total Checking bonus $300 just for having direct deposit helped with the decision. I was already doing it with Associated, might as well get $300 just for being awesome. You need the direct deposit or else there's a $12 monthly fee. As of May 2016, the bonus is $200, offer expires on 6/13/16. You may have to actually submit your email to get the coupon here. The Please consider saying me, Choua Khang, referred you :D when you go in and open the account.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

$22 = Two-Course Fondue Dinner for Two at the Melting Pot, get $3.30 cashback through Ebates

Today's transaction was kind of desperate; might as well get it now while I get 15% for what I'll buy in a few months anyway. Groupon has a $10 referral bonus for anyone who uses your link; maximum of 10 bonuses only though. So what I did was create a new account for the purchases I made today, because new members get $10 off an order of $25 or more. That's like $10 to my account and $10 off the new item. So today I spent $21+$15 = $36. But $20 (2 bonuses) + 3.30 + 2.25 = $25.55 is coming back to me anyway. I'd like to look at it as I spent $36 - $25.55 = $10.45 for my 2 groupons.

($34 > $32 >) $22 = Two-Course Fondue Dinner for Two at the Melting Pot
I bought it because I watched a quick video on youtube and it was pretty cool! Maybe I'll vlog it.

New Members Code: WELCOME

What is Groupon? An online shopping site for mainly services and sometimes merchandise.
Why Groupon? It's basically couponing. For example, an oil change at Sears is $40, but it's $30 on Groupon.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

$21.xx for 4 Head & Shoulders or Herbal Essences brand, but get $10 back in Giftcards

No codes needed in this purchase! You just have to make sure you have the right items. I have collected a few items that it works for. You just have to make sure you have 4 items in your cart. It has to be the $4.49+ one and not the $2.98 one. Yes, both brands can be mixed. I'm loyal to Aveeno, so I will be out for this deal.

No, you can't do this deal in store; it won't stack (but I haven't tested it). This is [pretty much] free if you have previous giftcards to use. For example, the total is $20, but your giftcard is $10, you pay $10, but you'll be getting back $10 in giftcards. I wish I saved my giftcards more to rollover these.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

$42: Northface Sweater, Backpack, and 4 Nike V-Necks, FREE SHIPPING

Deal is dead, but these are good too. I didn't realize it was a glitch. The code took off $20 per item and not the grand total. These are in the mail and getting backordered too.

$10.77 for the color

OMG. I'm so horrible. I just placed a $25 VS order yesterday and I'm placing another $42 today with Sports Authority!!! That's because Josh got me a Nike V-Neck for full-price of $40, which is against my rules of shopping. So I guess I shouldn't feel bad for getting 4 of them this time for the price of one! Below is the links to all the items I got! No ebates :( My total came to exactly $39.95, which is over the $39 minimum to get free shipping. I wanted another V-neck instead of the backback, but that would screw up my whole order. And I'm so sick of Josh paying $15+ for Nike socks from Kohls, so I had to do another one just for socks. That should last another year; $40 for a whole year of socks :D Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

RUNN! $26.89 for a VS 'Parfum', Swim Tote, and bra! Including shipping

Dead deal as of 9am CST :(

First of all, this is a glitch! So, I hope you have open as of right now. Glitches mean that the coding on the company hasn't been fixed. Not sure how long this will last.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thank You, the Welfare System

That video of the man/husband who was confronted by another "educated" woman for using food stamps to buy food for his family made me reflect on my experiences with the system.

Adult Life Tips - Why Employee/Work Benefits Matters

After working full time and feeling like my job/title is a big deal, I've began to feel "adult" lately. I don't know how I really feel, but I guess I'm grateful out of it to be "adult-ing." Anyways, I wanted to share my insurance experience in this blog.

Employer insurance is like layaway or pay-in-advance 
VISION - My company qualified for VSP Vision insurance, so I decided to get it. In general, employer vision and dental insurance breaks even with what you put in. The only loser is you, when you don't use it. For example, I pay $5/paycheck for a whole year (which comes to $5 x 26 paychecks = $130), the insurance will pay for my eye exam and contacts or glasses; only one. So lets look at the cheapest vision exam, it's Wal-Mart for about $70. Then another $60 for glasses or contacts, but that depends on brands and other details. So should you get vision insurance? Even though it only breaks even, at least it doesn't feel like a big chunk when you make the visit. Without insurance, it would cost me $70 for exams and then $120 for contacts.